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for the life of me i couldn't stop shaking

Yesterday at the shore with Herr's Cosden and Wong was absolutely delightful and so very much needed. The one downside, the one thing I would change if I possessed the power, would be that I didn't get sun-stroke and spend the majority of the one night we had in Stone Harbor shivering uncontrollably in our motel room.

The pain is spectacular right now, but it will pass - as does everything.

Reese, who has no sympathy because I neglected to use sunscreen in the right way, (I ingested it with a bloody mary and a tray of tacos) was very helpful at talking me into a state of calm. I guess it's that mothering instinct that does it. My first-degree-burned torso suddenly was the equivalent of a scraped knee and your sugary words were verbal neosporin, Reese. Thank you.

And yes, my entire belly, chest, back and shoulders is now a flamboyant, alarming shade of pink. I look ridiculous.
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