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fast track bric-a-brac

Sitting at a new job. Living in a new place. I spent most of last night wrapped in Rebecca's lithe but surpringly strong legs. (She's a gymnast, you know...)

Things could scarcely be better, and as soon as I familiarize myself with the immediacy of my new neighborhood I'll be unstoppable.

I've been so focused on the new gig and getting the apartment up and running that I haven't yet had a chance to explore.

two nights ago found me in a quandary. I stood in the Mulberry Market with a basket in front of me. In one hand I had a box of cereal. In the other I had a six-pack of Rogue Honey Cream Ale. I looked back and forth between the two for some time, before ultimately reaching high, high up and placing the cereal from whence I had taken it. An older balding man who had been watching the entire ordeal began laughing. Looking at him with total seriousness, I said:

"Man, some days are six-packs days and some days are cereal days. Thinking about the day I just had, it's amazing it took me this long to decide."
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