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dear diary....

Like ships in the night we passed, over and over again. We always had 'it', I suspected, but we never officially made any real emotions overt, foregoing the gravity of the explicitly propelled "I want you"'s and "let's be together"'s for the erratic and stirring physical romp. I would have called her on her arrogance, and she, mine. Ahhh, what could have been, right? This is not where I race to the reception and bang on something loudly to proclaim that I'm the one for her....I'm probably not. This is where I grin and bear it, and write everything down, every confusing, droning charge, and hope to meet some hot bridesmaids at the wedding.

This, in fact, was in my infernal in-box this morning:

Well, well, well... What to make of the response? Few words, but packing a lot of information and emotion...

In the essance of getting everything out on the table, I have always liked you Beau, often more than a friend, but the cards were just never in place for us to make a go at it. School, work, other relationships...

Mike is clearly the one for me. Being with him, and now getting ready to marry him has been the easiest decision of my life. I can only now say this, and I still have tons more learning to do, but I believe in "the one". Never settle. Have a vision of perfection, work on yourself and wait. You are too smart, too funny, too attractive and too gifted to settle, Beau. Really. And I am glad you felt more for me as well in the past, but now we are on to the next phase of our lives and friendship.

Care to join me?

So I suppose the question remains. Could I have really been with someone who misspells 'essence'?
Ahh, for Tracy I might have made an exception.
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